Update – two months an intern

A few small updates from me, sitting in the call room on night float, with a few spare minutes between pages.

  • Two months into intern year as a prelim in internal medicine, I’ve been through the ICU, floors, a quick pulm-crit elective, and now night float.
  • Life is good. I’m in a supportive, small NYC program with very little of the malignant atmosphere that NYC programs are known for.
  • COVID is around, but not highly active. We have one or two cases in the whole hospital. For a short time a few weeks ago, we didn’t have a single ventilated patient!
  • I’m hoping to put together more useful blog posts in the future. High quality content is what blogging is really about, and it would be nice to document things I’ve done in a way that’s helpful for others.

That’s basically it! I’m still here, just a lot on my plate. Until next time!