new blog who this?


I had a blog a while ago. It died when I didn’t update it and made life more complicated than I had to. The blog was written using a piece of software called Emacs, which is a decades-old text editor. A plugin called ox-hugo converted my Emacs files into markdown files that another piece of software called Hugo converted into a navigable blog. Images were a monster to handle, and I ended up writing some custom code to get them from my computer to the site. The whole thing was hosted on GitHub and linked to a domain that I bought.

It was a mess! It’s no wonder that I gave up.

…repeats itself

But now that I am a 4th year medical student, I figure that I’ll fire it back up! I love writing and have so many things to write about, from AI and deep learning to medical education to philosophy, not to mention all of the miscelaneous programming projects I’ve been up to over the past few years. I am also much better at using Git, and feel more confident that this will be more of an active coding project for me (rather than an experiment where I copy-paste interesting code off the internet). This blog may not see any traffic at all (and that may be for the best), but I think it’ll be worth having nonetheless.

At least it’s fun to write with this setup. Here’s my desk:

(Yay, images work!)

So welcome to my new blog! Take a look around and check out my social links on the left sidebar. Don’t be afraid to email me (the @ link on the sidebar) – I love getting letters. I hope you get something out of this site.