Technical difficulties with Git hosting

I ran into my first technical difficulty running this site today. I’m surprised that it stayed up so long, since I have no idea how to work with Github and pretty much copy-pasted the entire setup. This afternoon I thought I’d be clever and have Hugo clean out the output directory as it runs, to delete old posts that I’ve removed from Hugo. Unfortunately, that option also destroyed the hidden .git file inside the /public directory, essentially wiping out the submodule. The site refused to update after that, and it took a good two hours of nuking and reinstalling the repository before I got it straightened out.

For the record, the script now backs up the .git file before cleaning out the directory, then replaces it after. This seems to work fine. I almost gave up on Github hosting, but I think I’ll stick with it for now. At least I’m learning things!

Now that the site is back on line, I’ll see if I can sync up the source material to the /blog github repo like I was before.

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