Update on life

Hey! It’s been a long time since I posted on here, so I thought I’d offer a quick update!

There are quite a few things going on right now. First of all, I have my hands pretty full now that I’m on my Internal Medicine rotation. My workday runs from 7am to 5pm most days, depending on what sort of afternoon meetings I have to be at, and I work 6 days per week. The good news is that I’m learning a ton, and I have ample time on the wards to work through the 1200 UWorld questions for this rotation, but I do miss the free time I had when I was in Psychiatry or Primary Care. Little side projects like this slip by so easily when everyday life ramps up.

I ended up trading away that Ergodox from the last post. It wasn’t really impressing me, and I found someone who wanted to try it out. In return I ended up with a bluetooth HHKB in white, which has been spectacular. After the kerfuffle of the Anne Pro keyboard I used to have, it’s amazing to have a wireless keyboard that actually works well. Huge fan, highly recommend it.

Project-wise, I have a few things on the horizon. First, I’m slowly learning Stenography using a little custome Gherkin keyboard I put together for that purpose. Basically, steno involves typing a bunch of letters at the same time, and using software to figure out what word you meant. The keyboard has a phonetic layout, and you sound the words out rather than going for accurate spelling and let the software figure it out. It’s a blast once you start picking up speed. It basically lets you type at the speed you can think. I’m nowhere near that level yet, but I’m slowly working towards it.

I hit a crossroads earlier when I thought I wanted to pick up a new programming language. I have a new Note 9 android phone and thought it would be fun to learn Java. I’ve made it through a few beginner books on Python and have a decent grasp of it, even if I do struggle with setting up my computer to use Python 3 (butchered a few Brew installs and some Emacs stuff). Java wouldn’t be a waste of time to learn, but I think I’ll just stick with Python for now. I think it’s more worth my while to develop my programming skills than memorize new syntax. And besides, seeing as I’m trying to go into Radiology and most machine learning/AI projects are written in Python, it only makes sense that I get good at the programming language of the computer that will one day take my job.

Someday, I want to bridge into Android development, but I guess not today. Maybe I’ll put together a web project with Django - something I can access on mobile and interact with that way. I’d have to pick up HTML/CSS/Javascript, but probably just the basics. So my decision for now is to stick with Python and stop worrying about it. Next project is a Sudoku solver!

All of that aside, life is good. Wedding thank you’s need to be sent. Apartment could use a good clean. Plants are growing, Kubo is as barky as ever, and I’m still listening to 80s music from Japan. Things don’t change too quickly around here.

And fall is in the air.


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