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PDF-tools and OSX: how I made it work

The PDF-tools emacs package is amazing for extending the usefulness of emacs for everyday tasks. PDF-tools is a very fast pdf reader with all the text navigation features Emacs offers, plus the ability to interface with other packages such as interleave for note-taking. However, pdf-tools is notoriously difficult to get going on a mac. Here, I’ll try to document what I did to get it running on my system - a process that involved some stumbling but was ultimately successful.

Citation management in Org mode

For a long time, I was using Emacs to manage academic resources and produce nice LaTeX pdf files. It was a little bit of trouble getting it going, and it was a pain to use it with attendings since they prefer to work off of word. I ended up uninstalling all the plugins I need to use with it, which I now regret. So this blog post will serve as a log while I try to reinstall the modules and get it all running again.

Technical difficulties with Git hosting

I ran into my first technical difficulty running this site today. I’m surprised that it stayed up so long, since I have no idea how to work with Github and pretty much copy-pasted the entire setup. This afternoon I thought I’d be clever and have Hugo clean out the output directory as it runs, to delete old posts that I’ve removed from Hugo. Unfortunately, that option also destroyed the hidden .

Catskills bike tour

Back in July 2018, when I had a week off between my OBGYN and Psychiatry rotations, I decided to act on a long-time dream and go on a multi-day cycling trip. The trip was a 4 day tour from Brooklyn to the Catskills and back. This post is my attempt to remember how it went and what I can do next time to make things go more smoothly! I’ll go chronologically and add as many pictures as I can.

Setting the stage

Hey everyone, I’m launching this blog to keep a better record of my life events, hobbies, tech setups, recipes, and anything else that comes to mind. It was a minor pain to set up, so I figure I’ll take a few minutes to make a record of how I got it going. Tools of the trade Before getting into any technical details of my setup, I thought I’d summarize the tools I’m using to write this blog.