Ergodox Infinity flashing reference

I have a new keyboard! An infinity ergodox. It’s a major pain to flash, and it took me forever to figure it out, so I thought I would record what worked for later reference. Turns out it’s very simple, but there isn’t anywhere that explains it. Go to the configuration site here and set up your layout. Download the firmware from the site Navigate by terminal to the folder Ensure that dfu-util is installed (brew install dfu-util on a Mac) Plug in the left half alone, press the reset button, and run the command dfu-util -D left_kiibohd.

Reference: Planck Light layout

I always forget the layout of my Planck Light ortholinear keyboard, so I’m going to make this post to have a reference wherever I am.

QMK firmware on the planck light keyboard

One of the many little hobbies I’ve picked up over the years is mechanical keyboard building and programming. I was originally interested in programming Arduino microcontrollers, and was excited to see that people were using small arduinos to make keyboards that have all sorts of secret programmable features (and really nice buttons). Over the years I’ve put together a small but nice collection of mechanical keyboards in different shapes and sizes.