My first elisp functions: image processing and blog deployment

I wrote some elisp functions to speed up my blog posting! I realized that emacs plays well with shell scripts, and that every time I add images and deploy a page to the blog, I have to go through a long dance of resizing images, changing folders, pushing to github, etc. So I thought, why not define a function I can call right from my editor to handle all of it?

PDF-tools and OSX: how I made it work

The PDF-tools emacs package is amazing for extending the usefulness of emacs for everyday tasks. PDF-tools is a very fast pdf reader with all the text navigation features Emacs offers, plus the ability to interface with other packages such as interleave for note-taking. However, pdf-tools is notoriously difficult to get going on a mac. Here, I’ll try to document what I did to get it running on my system - a process that involved some stumbling but was ultimately successful.

Citation management in Org mode

For a long time, I was using Emacs to manage academic resources and produce nice LaTeX pdf files. It was a little bit of trouble getting it going, and it was a pain to use it with attendings since they prefer to work off of word. I ended up uninstalling all the plugins I need to use with it, which I now regret. So this blog post will serve as a log while I try to reinstall the modules and get it all running again.