2 weeks with the Assioma Duo power meter pedals

Now that I’ve been using the Assioma Duo pedals for a few weeks, I figure it’s time for a quick review. I picked the Duo’s over the more popular and mainstream Garmin Vector power meter pedals primarily because of price - $800 vs. $1000. The $200 saved is $200 I can put towards other equipment, like the Yahoo Kicker (recently purchased, review coming soon!). To make a long review very short, the Assioma Duos are rock solid and offer anything I could want in a pedal based power meter system.

Review: My experiences with the FSA Powerbox power meter

This post is a quick review of my very short experience with the FSA Powerbox. I had the Powerbox installed for 1 ride before deciding that it wasn’t going to work with my BB86 bottom bracket, despite FSA’s advertising to the contrary. The power meter itself is actually very good, but in my opinion it is misleading for FSA to advertise it as fully compatible with BB86 and similar 24mm bottom brackets.

Catskills bike tour

Back in July 2018, when I had a week off between my OBGYN and Psychiatry rotations, I decided to act on a long-time dream and go on a multi-day cycling trip. The trip was a 4 day tour from Brooklyn to the Catskills and back. This post is my attempt to remember how it went and what I can do next time to make things go more smoothly! I’ll go chronologically and add as many pictures as I can.